There is this weird line I have been walking.  I know someone cares about me very much.  I wouldn’t call it emotionally abusive.. I call it two people who never learned how adults resolved conflict while we were children.  We just kind of make a mess of it now.  

We are both guilty.  I just really don’t know where the healthy part to go from here is.

You know I have commited to something when I download the mobile app. I have commited to using a service. 

Has anyone had any issue with cancelling their paid Spotify service? I went through it three times now, and they keep billing me. When I emailed them, they asked for proof that I cancelled.. they don’t give a number when you do.. I actually needed the service four times this month, and would have happily paid for it that month, but the inability to cancel makes them a company I do not want to give my money to.

Talking about companies I don’t want to give money to.. I ditched my dsl, and gave into Comcast. Mom is homebound often, and she loves bad scyfy. For the price of dsl and landline (in case of hurricanes).. screw the landline for a 50mbps data connection and basic cable. I have never had a fast connection. I am giddy that 3 people can stream video, and I don’t lag while playing DC Universe Online! Now that I have this great connection, are there any services that I should check out?! Please let me know! 

By the way.. Comcast screwed up three times during installation, so they aren’t charging me for their modem/wireless gateway, that is quite nice. They also bumped my data connection for free. They also are charging us for a lower channel tier. I know I will have to give the router back when I decide to quit their service. This way they replace it if it breaks, and when I give it back.. it will be old tech!

Halloween Horror Nights doesn’t allow costumes.. do you think I could get away with my dirndl?  The dress is really simple?

Halloween Horror Nights doesn’t allow costumes.. do you think I could get away with my dirndl? The dress is really simple?

Web presence, or is that pretense?

I just updated  There was a time I had some sort of presence on the web.  I am still lucky enough to be the first five links you get back when you google “Victoria Palmer”.  There was a time I had people like what I added to the vast content on the internet, beyond facebook posts.  I like the fact that during those years, I have all my articles and opinion pieces archived!  I have made friends due to the words I wrote!

This is why I am launching this page, and why I am updating others.  It was cool to have a connection with others like that, even if it is just one person.. it is worth the effort.  

If Elizabeth Wurtzel can do 140 characters, why can’t I?

I have my name on twitter, more of just a name stake.  This is the livejournal of a generation younger than me.  Let’s see if I can use the technology, instead of the brand. 

While medicated, I was watching Sex and the City (don’t judge me on my junk food tv).  I realized that Mr. Big wasn’t the jerk, that just used his charisma to get out of problems and find forgiveness.  He did really nice things for people, like going to the hospital with Charlotte, and he brought her to see Miranda.  He not only sought to her needs, but he sought to the needs of her family.  Now I need to re-think every time I compared him to someone.